IEV Holdings

Update on IEV- The descending wedge was rendered invalid after a couple of drifting bars, but the stock broke out from the resistance line from the previous top. The volume is huge also, which supports the breakout as an institutionally backed move. However, the stock did not close nearer to the day high, which may tempt some traders to profit take on monday. I expect some inside day trading before the stock attempts to break 1.02. Looks promising.

IEV Holdings

IEV Holdings is a volatile stock to trade, but the momentum has been on the upside thankfully. The stock has not seen any exhaustion yet, based on the bull flag that it is forming right now. If a breakout occurs beyond 0.95, 1.02 is the immediate target.

TA Course by AsiaPacFinance

Recently i was given the opportunity to try out the online TA course offered by Asiapacfinance. The comprehensive course walks new investors through the basics of technical analysis through easy to understand videos like the one shown below.

At the end of each section, there will be a mini test to counter check the concepts learnt.

The course covers the essential introduction to the different kind of charts like bars, candlesticks and point and figure, as well as topics in TA like Elliot waves, Ichimoku, and technical indicators. The course will guide users through the proper usage of indicators which are often misused by new traders.

Finally, the course wraps up with a section on developing a successful trading plan, teaching traders to position size correctly and manage risk. This is a critical component of the trading business that many new traders often neglect, winding up with burnt accounts from trading the market too hastily.

I found the videos easy to follow for any beginner. For aspiring technical analysts embarking on the CFTe, this can be considered a crash course to the core topics of the programme.

The 'catch' is that there is a $25/month fee to access the videos. I feel that the fee is reasonable for two reasons: The videos are well organised and the topics laid out clearly for users to explore. The videos are easy to follow and digest, compared to a TA book that can be bought in a bookstore. Secondly, 100% of the fees go to, a NPO dedicated to changing the lives of people in Africa. In other words, the amount put in to pick up valuable TA knowledge is meaningfully spent as a donation as well.

For readers that are keen on the course, click here for more info.

Where next for STI?

STI is converging into the tip of the Ascending triangle, usually a bullish pattern. However, i believe traders should exercise caution as the momentum has been diverging and the volume has been dipping. The index has also started to make lower highs which is indicative of a possible trend reversal.

The US data released recently suggest a recovery in place and the firming up of the Greek bailout plan has boosted sentiments. However the news should be priced in by now and the index is ripe for profit taking. It is too early to take a strong stand in either direction for the medium term, but for the short term the way now, is down. Look for the 2905 support. A good basing pattern is the signal to pick up some good blue chips for the next leg up.