Expert Stock Screener

I am writing a review on the APF Expert Stock Screener, a product by AsiaPacFinance. They have launced a time saving excel based screener that aggregates analyst reports from multiple sources, giving investors and traders the key essentials to make investment decisions.

In a concise format, here are the key features:

-Choose from Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia market, just to name a few

-Investment bank and brokerage analyst reports are aggregated and compiled, providing a Fair Value Deviation ( % that represents how much the last traded price deviates from an aggregated Fair Value)

-Highlights if the overall analyst opinion is Undervalued or Overvalued

-Technical analysis % indicator that highlights bullish or bearish stocks based on a mixture of Ichimoku and proprietary perimetersClick here for the youtube introduction

The Good:

This is a valuable tool for investors and traders alike, because this handy screener removes the tedious process of looking through reports and gives the investor and trader the bottom line- The fair value. What more, a smart tweak to garner the deviation from fair value, otherwise known as the Upside or downside potential. This suits the investor well as it summarises in essence which stocks are good, and HOW good.

The technical analysis portion is made up of daily/weekly/monthly % indicating how bullish or bearish the stock is. I appreciate the Excel format of the screener, as i am able to quickly filter out the bullish stocks for trading. While my rules of trading are different from the screener, it does its intended job well- To identify higher potential stocks for me to find good technical setups! This does save a lot of time, cutting the need to sieve through the hundreds of stocks on SGX. Furthermore, the categorisation of stock by industry drops me another clue as to the stronger sectors during the trading period.

The Bad:

The inputs that go into the screener are not accessible to the user, so investors who have developed personal preferences in stock selection will not find this useful. For example, the screener is unable to provide lists based on designated P/E ratio range, Debt/Equity ratios etc. The screener is really about the compilation of overall assessment by analysts, so the user will not know what were the reasons behind the recommendation. As explained earlier, this product suits investors who wants the quick answer and does not have the benefit of time to go through individual reports. There is no right and wrong, but simply if it is suitable or not. Investors embarking fresh onto the learning curve should hook on to the screener if they require advice on their picks.

Similarly, the TA portion is limited to the Ichimoku input, which not all traders may be familiar with. The users will need to do some reading to gain confidence and comfort to rely on the signals generated. That being said, Ichimoku Kinkohyo is widely used by Japanese traders and traders that trade the Nikkei and Yen. It is a proven system and has a rich history behind it. My take is that as traders we should be open to ideas, and give new information the chance to be "innocent until proven guilty". The same system may not work for everyone, but it can be the right one for you.

In conclusion-

The subscription fee of USD70/ 6months breaks down to approximately USD12/month. This is frankly an inexpensive way to gain an advantage in trading. The site offers a 2 weeks free trial, so you can have a test drive before deciding on a commitment. I believe there is little to lose with the free trial offer, as you will only be billed if you decide to sign up after it. Give the Expert Stock Screener a try, you bear little risk as a customer; but you can reap the rewards of carefully selected high potential stocks.