Stock Pick

Watch Novo tomorrow. It may break 0.28 this time round.

Stock Pick

No closing above resistance of 0.8, but instead hit the support at 0.775. This guy could take a while longer. The STI is preparing for a big move right now, with it possible to move either way. While it may defy logic and move higher once again, i rather not enter new positions right now. I want to take a back seat for now.

I am eyeing Cambridge Industrial trust as my longer term portfolio (not for trading). At 0.46 the annualised yield is 13%. I will spend some time to research the fundamentals of the company to see how good it is. Meanwhile, a correction will make this stock even more attractive as there is some downside pressure.

Forex Indicator

This is the chart result from one of the indicators i purchased online. The green is a buy signal, the red is a sell signal. The profit take level i choose is to take short term 10 pip profits with a 5 pip stop. This is because the indicator is applied to the 1 min chart. It can be used on other timeframes, and the parameters for profit and stoploss vary. I am using this indicator to confirm the signals from the system i bought earlier.

Feel free to comment/drop me a mail if you have questions. Cheers

Tom Strigano-Forex Confidante

I purchased the Forex Confidante system by Tom Strigano, and have been using it for about a week. It has been working well for me on the demo. Below is a chart of the signal it generated during my trade. Notice that the price retraced before slamming down, and this is taken care of in the system. The stop loss was not hit in the trade.

My reviews on the system by far is that it is realistic, so dont expect a wonder black box system. Tom Strigano, an ex bank trader, shares his experiences through the system and provides an insight as to how the institutional trading environment is like. I definitely found it useful.

However, be warned that this is an ebook so it doesn't come with any indicators. It is a price action-based system, which means you will need to do your homework to determine your trading levels.

For those that are interested,this is a link to get it. The good thing to this is that there is no risk on your part. You are able to refund the product and get back your money should you find that the system is not to your liking. Its priced at USD$97, a full fledged system with a 3 day training course that easily would cost you 2k. Its definitely a bargain.

Do drop me a mail if you have any doubts on it! Cheers.

Thoughts about Trading

Hi guys,

I have been exploring the Forex world recently as the forex market is a better environment for full time trading. That is what i am working towards, and the commissions involved is lower compared to stocks. That means i get to keep more. I attended a talk organised by SGX academy a month ago and they were promoting their advanced futures technical analysis course. While i did not sign up in the end due to cost, but i was inspired by the trainer who was an ex-SGX pit trader. His course is something i would definitely aim towards. In his preview he mentioned 3 types of traders.

Traders that are constantly losing- These traders lack self discipline, or they need to get a system that can work better according to their trading style.

Traders that are constantly winning- Nothing needs to be said, they are the 5% who have found the thing that works

Traders that are breaking even- This group of people are the interesting bunch. Breaking even dispite 1+ year of trading...that means they profit and they make losses. While improving their system or trading is a direct method, the other method is easier- lowering the cost of commission. Well this seems logical, but it did not strike me before.

Since singapore stocks incur the same amount of costs unless one opens a CFD account, i came upon the other option-FOREX.

Brokerages like Oanda Singapore gives 0.9pips for the Eur/USD pair. I have an account with them, i find the rates very reasonable compared to the rest.

No harm giving it a try. I opened an account with $100. The positions are mini, just for experience sake. There is no minimum as long as you have enough margin to trade your pair. One step in for me. Lets see how this goes.

Stock Pick


Rebound imminient. Support at 0.775, cutloss once it breaks. A break above 0.80 is a long signal, target 0.855. "Buy on dip" scenario. Notice the rebounds once the price touches the trendlines. Following a fierce selloff for 6 days. this rebound could be a good one when shortists cover their position when they see a rally. Notice today and yesterday's unusually huge volume.


Declaration of $0.01 dividend per share, or $100/10lots. Today it broke above 0.70. Following my own trading, i cut initially when it went below 0.675, but reentered today at 0.685, when 0.68 was broken. Lets see how it goes.

Feel free to comment on my posts and exchange opinions.

Stock Pick

Falcon Energy-

No time to post chart, but this is a long once it breaks 0.71. Strong support at 0.685 and 0.68. With the 0.68 support tested 5 times. cut loss at 0.675.

For Z-Obee, i have taken profit on the stock. Parabolic spike ups tend to selldown fast n furious. Today's trading in HK did not live up to the hype. Wait for the next setup to go long.