Wealth summit

Just a few pointers i took away from the wealth summit held at suntec city a few weeks ago. I went solely for Mr Jim Rogers. His comments are similiar to what he wrote in his books, and mainly drawn from observations of world affairs and demand supply conditions.

His views- Growth is likely to be focused in Asia, with overweight on China.
- Overweight on commodities, particularly gold and silver.
- Crude oil likely to trend higher on a long term basis due to increasing demand and diminishing supply.

Trading for a living

I am aiming to trade full time in 4 years time, once i finish my bond with my organisation. I have estimated the required capital at 150k to comfortably trade futures, forex and stocks. In day trading, futures and forex are preferred as there is enough movement to profit every single day. Stocks will be managed on an intra week basis.

This is a prospect not accepted by many in sunny Singapore, as it breaks away from conventional thinking of getting a safe and secure job. Most people are brought up to believe they need to work for a company to receive a paycheck, and i have seen my older friends piling in the hours for OT, projects and work. At the end of the day, the job one works for, if there is no PASSION in it, will be difficult to sustain. I remember watching from a movie, that if one wakes up and no longer feels excited to go to work, that is the time to quit and move on to another.

In Singapore, the mere thought of hopping on to another job strikes fear when it does not come with equivalent or higher remuneration. Many grow up with dreams of being a teacher, a social worker, a fashion designer or even an artist but end up wearing an office suit. I know of people who eventually quit their office jobs for passion, but that is a great leap for them.

I aim to return a 5% monthly profit on my portfolio, and will post when i make a trade. Cheers.

Techinical Analysis lesson-MACD

STI stock pick

Today i am looking to long straitsasia, as its closing has been edging higher. There is a gap to be filled up to 2.15, to a short term trade looks favourable from here.